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Consumer Batteries

Device batteries (household batteries) are standard batteries for normal use. These batteries are mainly used in the following designs:

  • UPS systems
  • Cylindrical AA cells (mignon cells) – approx. 50 mm in length and 14 mm in diameter, mainly alkaline manganese cells with a nominal voltage of 1.5 V and a capacity of e.g. 2.8Ah
  • AAA cell (micro cell) with 44 mm × 10 mm
  • cylindrical C-cells (baby cells) with approx. 50 mm × 26 mm
  • larger D cells (mono cells) with 61 mm × 34 mm
  • A 9-volt block battery contains six primary cells, resulting in a voltage of 6 × 1.5 V = 9 V.
  • Button cells, with different sizes and different voltages between approx. 1.3 V and 3 V. The first letter in the type designation provides information about the cell type, e.g. C = lithium manganese dioxide

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With our partner Accu-profi Solution GmbH & Co. KG we will find the right battery for your application. We can offer you products from the following manufacturers for your application.

Panasonic is one of the leading producers of consumer batteries. Two of their main product lines are the following:

The Pro Power batteries offer high-quality energy for personal devices. This battery is designed to provide reliable, safe, long-lasting and dependable power anywhere, anytime. Pro Power is the perfect battery for

  • RC cars
  • robots
  • other devices with moving parts
  • radios
  • keyboards
  • flashlights

CYLINDRICAL LITHIUM BATTERIES Panasonic cylindrical lithium batteries combine lightweight materials with lithium technology to create a long-lasting power source for

  • cameras
  • portable lighting systems
  • smoke detectors
  • headlamps

Since inventing the world’s first consumer battery in 1896, Energizer has been a leader in the battery industry. Their innovative spirit combined with our unyielding commitment to performance and responsibility has made them one of the leading manufacturers of household batteries and No. 1 in the world when it comes to selling special batteries and rechargeable batteries.

  • LTC batteries
  • alkaline batteries
  • long-lasting, high-quality Max batteries with PowerSeal technology
  • high-performance lithium batteries (that are proven to be the world’s longest-lasting AA and AAA products)

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FAQs – Consumer Batteries

Q-1:What are Consumer Batteries?

Familiar consumer batteries, such as alkaline and lithium-ion, are mass produced to be inexpensive. Alkaline batteries are ideal for use in devices that require a constant flow of current, including radios, flashlights, and remote controllers. Consumer Li-ion batteries are commonly used to power rechargeable consumer devices such as cell phones and laptops. Consumer alkaline and Li-ion batteries do not tolerate heat or cold well, and their lifetimes can be measured in months or years, not decades.

Q-2:What are the mostly used consumer batteries?

Consumer batteries are mostly not rechargeable and are wasted after use. They have various coin types and some well-defined sizes, for example, AA, AAA, C and D.

Q-3:What different technologies are used for consumer batteries?

Alkaline, zinc-carbon and lithium batteries
Alkaline, zinc-carbon and lithium batteries are some of the most common types of batteries. They come in cylindrical or button types, and voltage-based types such as 6 V or 9 V. A fresh single cell has a nominal open-circuit voltage of 1.5 V, with 1.65 V being the highest voltage and approximately 0.9 V to 1.0 V as the end of the discharge voltage.
Coin-type batteries
Zinc-air or silver oxide chemistries are coin-type batteries with the nominal voltages of almost 1.3 V to 1.6 V. Lithium manganese dioxide types are also coin-types with almost 3.0 V. These batteries, other than lithium manganese, come with lower discharge current capabilities. Alternatively, CR2032 (lithium manganese coin cell) can be discharged at 100 mA or even more, and it has a relatively flat discharge curve at low discharge rates.

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